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Making Healthy life convenient

Advance healthcare monitoring solutions made accessible through our novel AI-driven technology. Experience next-generation personal healthcare enabled through digital innovation.

Advancing quality of life with cutting-edge innovation

Cardiac Monitoring

Remotely observe cardiac activity through Holter, MCOT, HRV processes as well as Event types of monitoring

Physiologic Monitoring

Vital monitoring including weight, SPO2, ECG and Blood Pressure


Patients Monitored


Reports prepared


Devices managed

Efficiently managed personal healthcare

We connect patients, doctors and medical assistants to monitoring technicians through our cloud connected monitoring solutions. With 24/7 tracking, our state of art sensors combined with our exclusive AI- driven analysis ensure a comprehensive prognosis.

AI Enabled Monitoring

Diagnostic AI with 99.7% confidence. Best for Arrhythmia identification, reading vitals, patient heartbeat recognition, and AI-enabled patient speech communication.

Connected to major databases-

Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

A one-stop solution for all your health monitoring requirements. The only complete remote health monitoring program available in the US. Monitors ECG, blood pressure, SPO2, weight, and vitals for home- based chronic care management.

24/7 tracking through our monitoring center

Rest assured to not to miss any critical health event with 24/7 monitoring of your patients’ health data by our expert. Manage your time efficiently with a hassle-free solution including customer and technical support, zero-charge hardware configuration, and maintenance.

Custom Solutions for Patients

Get in touch with us to explore developing custom solution fine-tuned for your specific requirements. Get the full benefits of remote monitoring for your hospital or organization.

Our Clients

How can we help you?

Want to get Monitor Health onboard your organization? Do you have more questions about what we do? Please send us a message with your queries and our Customer Support Team will get back to you!

Client Testimonials

The seamless operation combined with simple hardware is exactly what our patients need. The professional interpretations along with simple but yet detailed reports with medical data is definitely something that our practice was in the real need of.

"Monitor Health is an ideal example of a technologically advanced company"

Our patients are very excited to be able to conduct health studies at the convenience of their homes.Knowing the fact that someone is professionally watching our patients gives our practice a piece of mind and an idea of the future of the direction where the healthcare industry is he