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Redefining boundaries of Healthcare

Monitor Health works towards Research and Development in the field of virtual healthcare, leading advancements in the field. We also manufacture quality products that track vital signs using next-gen sensors and technology.

Our Mission

Monitor health is on a mission to redefine healthcare through
next-generation medical technology. 

Our team is driven by a fervor for constant innovation in personalized remote monitoring solutions that can be accessible across the globe.

Core Values

Strive for Excellence

At the core of everything that Monitor Health does, lies proficiency and innovation. This endeavor to seek excellence, drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves to create high quality and efficient products and services.

Priortize Health

In a fast-paced world constantly seeking our attention, we strongly believe that health should be prioritized above all. Monitor Health attempts to bring the aspects of physical wellbeing and overall health to the forefront, making it an essential yet easily manageable shift for people.

Be Empathetic

Whether in our communication or our services, compassion is at the heart of our values. We always strive to empathize and make our products easily adaptable and user-friendly. 

Our Team

Haytham Albizem, MD

Dr. Albizem specializes in clinical and interventional cardiology and has over 15 years of experience. He completed his cardiology fellowship at Penn Presbyterian Medical Centre, University of Pennsylvania, and holds five board certifications including Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology (NASPExAM), Nuclear Cardiology, and Internal Medicine.

President and CEO of Monitor Health

Eugene Sumin, MBA

Eugene has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Temple University, Fox School of Business. He manages our internal team and serves new and existing clients. He is passionate about our Virtual Hospital product and excited to deliver better patient outcomes through our technology.

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Aprelev

Alex Aprelev is an engineer and experimental physicist with more than 20 years of hands-on experience developing wearables and IoT devices, and with specialization in optics, spectroscopy, fluorescence, microfluidics, assay development, and protein studies. Alex is an expert in rapid prototyping, hacking both embedded microcontrollers and machine vision algorithms.


Alex’s background includes numerous projects for global enterprises, government, and technology startups. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Physics and has been engaged in research initiatives at leading US universities.

Hardware Systems Architect, Head of Hardware Engineering

Olek Shestakov

Olek’s background as a technologist and software architect spans over 25 years of leading lean technology organizations and numerous innovative initiatives. Before joining Monitor Health, Olek held a number of engineering roles, successfully delivering world-class solutions in the Insurance, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, IT, and Financial Services industries. Olek also has been an advisor and mentor to over 25 technology companies.


Olek has a substantial educational background, holding degrees in Computer Science and International Law, and is also a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics of High-Tech Markets.

Software Systems Architect, Head of Software Engineering

Medical Monitoring team

Our team consists of 12 medical professionals, including highly qualified and trained MDs and nurses readily available for monitoring patients round the clock.

Technology team

11 Software, Hardware, Security, and IT Engineers that handle our products and technology services.

Operations Support Team

5 professionals in billing, logistics, and operations that keep us running every day.

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